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The Awakening by TL Travis

The Elders Trilogy #1

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In The Awakening, book 1 of The Elders Trilogy, Jessica Cartright has come of age.

On top of being new to adulthood and all it encompasses; her nightly dreams are haunted by a faceless man guiding her deeper into the darkness. Fight or flight mode ensues, but she’s trapped. When she’s finally reunited with her first love, her dreams start becoming a reality. Is this a coincidence or are they somehow linked? When these two worlds collide, she fears for her life but finds there’s nowhere left to run.
Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review.
Genre: 18+, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy
Pub. Date: October 5, 2017

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Before I move on to the review, I'm going to get something off of my chest. There are several reviews that discuss the similarities between The Awakening and Twilight in great detail, but I think the similarities are superficial. So, before we start pointing fingers and implying that an author's work is "ripping off" another author's work, allow me to point out that most contemporary works have elements that parallel classic literature. I don't see anyone griping that a contemporary author's interpretation of vampires is similar to Bram Stoker's, or getting all butt-hurt that a contemporary romance parallels William Shakespeare's or Jane Austen's works. 

My point is if you don't like a book because you don't think it's as good as a similar book, it's cool. Just say that, tell us why you think one author did better than the other one and move on. However, you don't need to get up on some platform and deride the author for using other works as inspiration because this is something that has been happening in the Arts for centuries.


Jessica Cartwright, a high school senior, is your typical young adult who doesn't have much of a social life; she works part-time, spends a ton of time with her two dogs and is still trying to figure out which college she is going to and what her major will be. At night, she has sexually-charged dreams about a faceless man that are equal parts intriguing and scary.

Fantasy becomes reality when she is reunited with an old friend who simply vanished one day. The reason why he vanished is part of a dark secret that he is willing to share with Jessica; however, she may not be able to accept it.

I enjoyed this book; it's an 18+ paranormal romance that has several superficial parallels to Twilight. The plot and premise have a "young adult" feel with several risque moments. I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining why I felt somewhat comfortable reading an 18+ romance.

I will admit that I was expecting Jessica's friend to be an incubus. I assumed this because of his appearance in Jessica's dreams, so I felt disappointed when his true nature was revealed. However, I appreciated Travis' interpretation of vampiric lore and was intrigued by the notion that Jessica's friend is relatively close to her age.

I found myself liking Jessica immediately. She's a pragmatic and responsible young adult who is trying to figure out who she wants to be. Her inner dialogue is written to accurately reflect who she is as a person, and it didn't hurt that she loves her two dogs. If I'm on the fence about anybody in the book, it would have to be Jessica's friend, David. His dialogue and attitude are inconsistent at times; sometimes when he is speaking to Jessica his dialogue is formal, and other times it's colloquial and casual. In my opinion, since David is chronologically close to Jessica's age, contemporary word choices are acceptable but I can see how he would use formal language when he is representing his family.

I thought the setting was an interesting choice, especially since it is the opposite of the bleak and dreary setting that most vampire novels are set in. Having lived in New Mexico and I visited Arizona frequently, there really isn't much to say about the desert. It's very brown, it's very barren, and it's hot. The only reason why a vampire would want to visit such a place is for love, or maybe revenge.

The "risque" moments are graphic but not overwrought. They are slightly more detailed than the sensual scenes in Anne Bishop's "The Black Jewels Trilogy." You don't want your kiddos reading them but they shouldn't shock you.

If you thought Twilight was a bit bland, I'm pretty sure you'll find The Awakening an enjoyable and sensual read!

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