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The Hunt for Project M by C.E. Allan

The Gods of Nibiru Series, Book 2

Kindle front cover of 'The Hunt for Project M' by C.E. Allan
After the Etlu Games, Tianna chooses to live a normal life. She falls in love and life is perfect, until her world is turned upside down and she's forced into returning to the life she was destined.

She learns that the specially assigned taskforce can't locate the Project M soldiers and there is an enemy with unfathomable abilities who is preventing any progress. Tianna accepts the mission, but how do you stop an unidentified enemy, who can shapeshift into anyone they kill and can change into any liquid or gas?
Source: I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review.
Genre: Science Fiction
Pub. Date: March 21, 2019

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After the Etlu Games, Tianna decides that she wants to lead a normal life. Even though Tianna insisted on denying her birthright to lead a normal life, Niobe knows that the danger to Tianna and the world exist. To protect Tianna in her blissful ignorance, Niobe joins a task force dedicated to finding Project M. Unfortunately, as Niobe's team draws closer to discovering where Project M is and its true nature, the forces that wanted Tianna's head before want it again; however, they are willing to take her boyfriend's instead. As Tianna tries to discover a way to save him, she finds herself helping Niobe and the task force when several of the seemingly incorruptible team members become corrupted by an ancient evil.

I loved this installment of the series! I continue to be fascinated by how what most of humanity considers lore is known as fact by the High Born in this alternate universe that C.E. Allan has created. Allan's attention to detail with the setting in The Etlu Games continues in The Hunt for Project M.

Tianna's character continues to evolve as she must put her dreams of living a normal life on hold to save her boyfriend and derail an ancient evil's plan to seize absolute power. As much as I enjoyed reading Tianna's narrative and watching her mature, I was thrilled to see how Allan focused on Niobe's narrative. In a way, Niobe's character is already evolved and mature; she already knows who she is and what part she wishes to play in the "grand design." However, it was interesting to know a little more about Niobe's personal ethics and motives and to see the type of people she is attracted to.

Allan has included a plethora of twists and turns in the plot that I enjoyed and didn't see coming. The ones who are vying for power will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and some of those means are devious and downright creative. There are a couple of big action scenes; however, much of the battle being waged is covert. Don't get me wrong though, "covert" doesn't mean "boring" in this book because there is always something going on and if there isn't anything going on, the dialogue, setting, and characters will keep you reading.

Allan has outdone himself with The Hunt for Project M, and I can't wait to see what will happen next!

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About C.E. Allan

My passion for stories started at the age of three. I was transfixed with books like James and the Giant Peach and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Television programs like Batman with Adam West. And I was completely mesmerized by movies like Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, but my all time favorite hands down is Star Wars.

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- I think food tastes better with a fork unless it's soup or ice cream.

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- My favorite authors are Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Gillian Flynn and the late Vince Flynn.
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