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Tethered by Bryce Gibson

County Line Horror #4

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The bite is worse than the bark!

The rural area in South Carolina where nineteen-year-old Aiken Pine grew up is a place that nobody seems to leave, but he is one that got away—at least for a little while.

Before Aiken became a high school dropout, he had big plans for the future. But one mistake changed everything. Last year, a chain of events led to Aiken’s pet dog brutally attacking his younger sister, Lexie.

After Lexie stabs the head cheerleader in the school hallway, Aiken is forced to go home. Everybody says bullying led to the fight, but he is convinced there is more to the story.

As Aiken begins to unravel the mystery, he is faced with other things from the past—an intricate web of secrets and lies among high school friends. People say chained dogs can become vicious over time, and Aiken begins to wonder if the same thing happens to people.
Source: I downloaded this book for free from Book Funnel and chose to share a review.
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Pub. Date: May 1, 2019

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If you ask the people who know the Pike family what they think of them, they'd probably tell you that the family is nothing but trash, or even worse, they are cursed. Some will tell you that the family has always had bad luck, others will tell you that it all started when Aiken and his friend pulled a prank at the local high school. Some say that the prank Aiken and his friend pulled made Aiken's sister, Lexie, crazy enough to stab a girl in school.

Aiken knows better. It all started when his father had to put down their dog for attacking Lexie. He also knows that the prank he and his friend pulled didn't help matters. However, he begins to wonder if something else isn't behind the family's misfortune when he keeps seeing a strange dog.

Delightfully creepy... I finished this book at night and I'm keeping an eye on Lexi, my 8-pound Maltese, to make sure isn't plotting my demise.

Don't be fooled by the characters or the country twang that permeates Gibson's writing style, there is a cerebral and psychological component to the plot. It's "Twilight Zone" meets Stephen King in the Deep South, which is a good thing from my point of view. The tone and pace of the plot are easygoing; however, the length of the book prevents dull moments from popping up. I thought the character development was just right. Gibson stuck to the details that were relevant to the story and implied quite a bit more in the dialogue. I enjoyed the plot twists immensely and there was one near the end that took me by surprise.

Easy to read yet intelligent, Gibson's writing style in Tethered makes me want to explore "County Line Horror" a bit more. 

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I write fiction that takes readers to charming and oftentimes sinister areas of The South. My new book, The Reading Buddy, is a throwback to the teen horror and thriller novels from the 1990s.

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