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Lexi Says #1

Lexi Says #1 at On My Kindle BR

Hello, humans! I know this isn't the "Marvelous Monday" post you were expecting, but it's still being narrated by your favorite Maltese.

As you know, Mommy was awarded disability benefits during the summer and she decided to take some time to focus on herself. While this is a positive step for Mommy, it's not without its drawbacks.

One of the drawbacks is that working enabled Mommy to avoid several triggers, even though it exposed her to other triggers. Also, Mommy isn't used to being unemployed for so long and she is struggling to deal with this emotionally and physically. Mommy is also re-evaluating what she wants to do with the surplus of free time she has on her hands. To be honest, Mommy has been feeling depressed, anxious, and disconnected from those around her. Before you begin to worry too much, she has discussed this with her psychologist and he has referred her to a psychiatrist. She is getting the help that she needs and she realizes that how she feels is temporary. She is still transitioning from an "I need to have a job to survive" mentality to an "I need to focus on myself to start living" mentality. It's new, it's a change, and Mommy doesn't handle change well.

What does this mean for the blog? We don't know for sure just yet. However, we have changed our "Marvelous Monday" series to "Lexi Says" because I'm not always going to write posts on Mondays. Mommy will continue to review books, but the number of full reviews on the blog will decrease. For the time being, Mommy will mostly share her reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, NetGalley, etc... If Mommy has promised a blog review, she will fulfill her obligation. 

We have decided to focus on third party sites and social media because Mommy has been dealing with a lot of pressure and deadlines, and it has been several months since she has read a book merely for the joy of reading a book. She wants to find that joy again but she also wants to continue supporting indie authors. The best way that we could think of to achieve this is to have Mommy focus on reading and engaging with authors and other readers. She can't really do that if she's fiddling with the blog and trying to juggle deadlines.

We aren't too sure what everything we've decided to do on the blog is going to look like. Mommy is still evaluating the options and trying to see what might work and what won't work. In the meantime, you can see what Mommy is currently reading and which books are next on her list on Goodreads. One thing is for certain, Mommy isn't willing to give up on the blog anytime soon.

Licks and wags,

On My Kindle BR's "Lexi Says #1"