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Lexi Says #2

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Hello, humans! I know it's been a while since you've heard from me, and I have all sorts of news to share with you.

Mommy and Uncle Mike took me to see my new vet. We aren't too sure about this vet yet; however, the vet agreed with Mommy's concern with keeping me on steroids (Temaril-P) for my allergies and prescribed Apoquel. Honestly, I'm not seeing a huge improvement with itchiness but I am feeling more like myself when taking the Apoquel. The vet didn't think that any teeth needed to receive immediate care, and Mommy made an appointment for me to go back in December for dental care.

Mommy went to the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago and discovered that she needs to wear bifocals. She just started wearing her new glasses a few days ago and she is still trying to get used to them. Mommy is doing about as well as she can be. She is still seeing her psychologist weekly and has an appointment to see a psychiatrist in November. She has been reading quite a bit lately, coloring in her adult coloring book, and watching episodes of her favorite science fiction shows on Prime Video. We have been spending more time outside in the community area with other tenants in the complex we live in. Unfortunately, the weather has taken a turn for the worse so we'll have to see where our friends will congregate when it's cold outside.

Mommy bought a shag area rug to brighten up our apartment. The brownish-gray, indoor/outdoor carpet they use in public housing is quite atrocious and dreary. During one of her rare moments of optimism, she thought that she was buying it for herself; however, it didn't take long for her to realize that I was going to claim it for myself. It is comfy and cozy to lay on, especially after she purchased a rug pad for it.

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Currently, Mommy plans on maintaining the blog and sharing reviews when she is able to. If this changes, you will be the first to know. If you want to know what Mommy is reading and has plans to read, make sure to follow her on Goodreads because she does a decent job of keeping her "Currently Reading" and "Up Next" shelves updated.

Until next time, licks and wags.