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On My Kindle Book Reviews will always disclose if we have received a book or product we have reviewed for free. We do this for the following reasons:

  1. The FTC Act requires it. 
  2. Amazon requires disclosure.
  3. Goodreads requires disclosure
  4. I host this blog on Blogger. Google policies state that I must disclose.
Even if the interpretation of the FTC Act is up for debate, the last three policies explicitly state that disclosure is required. By using those websites, we have agreed to comply with the sites' policies.

We have reviewed over 200 books on this blog and have posted those reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. We support the indie author community and have learned that when reviews are taken down, it has a negative impact on indie authors. As such, we stand by our decision to comply with the law and policies regarding disclosure to help ensure that our reviews remain on those sites.

If we have reviewed a book or product that we received for free, it is stated clearly before the review. On the blog, we disclose in plain language if we bought the book, if we received the book by subscribing to an author's newsletter, or if I received it for free. Regardless of how we came to be in possession of the book or product, all of the reviews reflect our honest opinion of the book or product.

Harassment, Coercion, Intimidation

We will not tolerate harassment, bullying, intimidation, or coercion. Comments that threaten, bully, coerce, harass or intimidate other visitors will be deleted. Any explicit and implicit threats of violence towards others or repeated harassment will be reported to the proper authorities for investigation.

Any attempt by an author to threaten, bully, coerce, harass or intimidate us to review a book, promote a book, omit the FTC disclosure in a review, or change a review will result in:
  • The removal of every review we have written for that author from the blog. 
  • The reviews, including the one in question, will not be removed from merchants' websites.  
  • The author's email and social media accounts will be blocked.
  • Any future review requests submitted by the author will be automatically denied. 
  • Explicit and implicit threats of violence or repeated harassment of On My Kindle or Charity Rowell will be reported to the proper authorities for investigation.
By continuing to visit the Site, participating in activities (i.e. commenting on posts or participating in giveaways), or submitting a review request, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and Review Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms of Service or Review Policy, please contact us at

Updated May 28, 2018